AGL launches electric vehicle subscription service

AGL has made a foray into the sharing economy by launching an Electric Vehicle (EV) Subscription Service for customers.

AGL is partnering with car subscription service Carbar and EV charging supplier JET Charge on the service.

The EV Subscription Service is being driven through AGL Next, AGL's recently established innovation initiative piloting new programs, technologies and partnerships across energy, telecommunications and other initiatives.

"As AGL explores more and more of these new business models around the energy transition, AGL Next is the brand we've just launched to give a wrap so that consumers can understand where AGL is going," said John Chambers, AGL executive general manager future business and technology. "It also suggests that when you're buying energy from AGL, that's a long, deep product set."

"We want to signal to customers and the market how committed we are," Chambers said. "My background is much more entrepreneurship and new biz development and technology, and we built a team where you'll see incredibly credentialed entrepreneurs and leaders who are helping bring together this business."

The EV subscription model is likely to appeal to customers who are engaged around environmental and climate change issues, and is also a foray into the subscription business model.

"What we've seen subscription cars like CarBar - our partner  -  is that their service is growing exponentially, while at the same time, car ownership down 10% year on year," Chambers said.

EVs will be deliver to the customer's home, and at-home charging facilities are installed. Prices for the EVs range from $299 per week for the vehicles, plus a fee for the installation of the charging vehicle.

Electric vehicles will come from a range of brands like Tesla, Jaguar, Hyundai and Nissan. The service will also include registration, insurance, tyres, repairs, roadside assistance and carbon neutral credits, AGL said.

During the pilot phases, the service is only available to eligible customers within 50 kilometers of Sydney or Melbourne but over time will be expanded and refined to ensure it meets the needs of more customers, AGL said.

AGL Next was developed as part of AGL's strategy of Growth, Transformation and Social Licence.

"Through this process we will leverage external networks and investments to explore opportunities and new solutions that are truly customer centric and support our growth strategy," Chambers said. "As the largest investor in renewable technologies we have embraced and driven a cleaner energy future but we know there is more work to be done. We're committed to expanding our portfolio and products to make them more sustainable, reliable and affordable for our customers, and AGL Next will play a pivotal role in this."

Other opportunities will look at start-up partnerships and investments and explorations of other customer problems. Chambers noted that AGL Next will develop innovative initiatives that, if they prove durable with customers, will be embedded into the company's core product offerings.

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