Fund manager seeking to expand ESG team

A fund manager is recruiting to expand with an ESG hire after spinning its sustainability strategy into a separate boutique.

Perennial Better Futures is seeking an assistant ESG and equities analyst to join the management team, led by Damian Cottier, portfolio manager, with Emilie O'Neill as ESG and equities analyst.

Perennial Partners announced in April that it has spun its ESG team and flagship ESG fund into a separate boutique investment business.

Perennial Better Future includes the Perennial Better Future Trust and the associated active ETF, the eInvest Better Future Fund (IMPQ) and will also manage ESG initiatives across the Perennial group.

"Given the increasing importance and growth of the strategy, we're getting another resource to help us out at the more junior end," O'Neill said.

The ESG analyst will be responsible for assisting on a variety of aspects of the Better Futures ESG strategy, including its proprietary scoring mechanism, engagement meetings, client requests and data and research, O'Neill said.

Cottier emphasised that augmenting the ESG team is designed to support the existing Better Future strategy, but said it opened scope for further developments in future.

"We're charging ahead with what we're doing, but down the track, we do want to keep the options open," Cottier said. "We're 100% focused on what we're doing at the moment and will help us drive the outcomes we're getting from an ESG and a portfolio performance point of view. Those are the dual outcomes we're pursuing and this will really help."

The new boutique investment firm is led by Cottier and O'Neill, with George Whiting, who will head up the institutional and retail business development for the boutique.

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